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Welcome Mama, and congratulations on the precious new life blooming within you!

At Boepie & Co we understand just how exciting (and overwhelming) this chapter can be to navigate, how beautifully raw and real pregnancy and giving birth is, the countless product options available to choose from, and the obstacles that can come with welcoming a new life, and a new body to the world.

Curated gift boxes for each trimester

We have set out with the sole intention of creating curated products that provide moms and littles with the key items they need during this time, that not only add value to their journey, but are also safe, reusable and chemical-free.

How it works

Single purchase boxes

A once-off purchase is made for a specific trimester or newborn box.

This is the perfect option for a loved one purchasing a thoughtful and unique gift for an expecting mama, or for expecting mamas who:

  • Only confirm their pregnancy later in their journey.
  • Only want a specific box, for a specific trimester.
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Coming Soon - Subscription Boxes

The ideal option for mamas who have found out about their pregnancy in the early stages. By signing-up and becoming a part of our Boepie community, you will receive an automatic 10% discount on a series of carefully curated boxes that will be delivered to your doorstep over a period of 9-12 months. Did we mention you also qualify for free delivery? 

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What we value

  • Community

  • Product-sourcing

Throughout the journey of pregnancy and motherhood, community is an essential thread that weaves together love, support, and understanding. At Boepie & Co, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of community, shared experiences, having a safe haven for open discussions, sharing wisdom and guidance in a supportive environment, celebrating often overlooked milestones, and reminding women of their undeniable strength.

Boepie & Co was named with the pure intention of highlighting the fact that we would not be who we are as a business, if it weren’t for the sheer brilliance, passion, and outright talent of local small businesses we collaborate with during this process. We cannot express enough the love we have for supporting small businesses, and so look forward to sharing these items with our Boepie community.

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